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MHZ100Q Basic tests.

Stepped triangular waveform, sampled at full 100 MHz rate.

For this test, the A/D feeds samples to a NEXYS 2 FPGA board, and a small Octave program uploads the data via the USB port and displays it. The test signal is an 8-level stepped waveform being generated by the VGA port of the NEXYS 2; the signal is connected to the input of one channel through a 0.1 uF capacitor. Samples are captured into RAM at the full 100MHz sampling rate; both the the steps and and the ringing of the filters are clearly visible. The plot shows a 200-sample section of the 2048-sample segment that was captured.
Stepped triangular waveform, downsampled to 6.67 MHz.

The next plot is the same signal. It's still sampled at 100MHz, but this time the CIC lowpass filter desamples to 6.67MHz before storing the samples in the FPGA's block RAM. Effects of the filter on the step transitions are clearly visible.

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